How To Cook Vineta (Eggplant spread) Very Simple

The Recipe For Making Vineta (Eggplant spread).

Vineta (Eggplant spread) You can make Vineta (Eggplant spread) using 5 ingredients in 5 quick steps. The following is an easy way to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make Vineta (Eggplant spread)

  1. Insert 1 of egg plant.
  2. Add 1 of small onion.
  3. Fill Pinch of salt (to taste).
  4. Add 2 spoon of mayo or miracle whip.
  5. Add Pinch of black pepper (to taste).

Quick Step To Make Vineta (Eggplant spread)

  1. The egg plant has to be grilled in whole and once it’s done you have to peel it..
  2. Mix the onion and eggplant. I use the bullet just to mix it really well. (I just find it easier) You can just mix it with hand and hand mixer as well if that’s your preference, whatever you find easy..
  3. Add the mayo, salt and pepper. Mix it all together..
  4. Spread it on bread and enjoy..
  5. I know some Hungarians drink hot tea on the side with it or hot chocolate..

That's how to make Vineta (Eggplant spread) Recipe.