Tutorial Of Tofu Cheesecake Without Equal

The Recipe For Making Tofu Cheesecake.

Tofu Cheesecake You can make Tofu Cheesecake using 13 ingredients in 9 quick steps. The following is an easy way to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make Tofu Cheesecake

  1. Mix of Unsalted Butter, 60g + More For Greasing.
  2. Prepare 120 g of Digestive Biscuits,.
  3. Add 100 g of Heavy Whipping Cream,.
  4. Prepare 200 g of Greek Yogurt,.
  5. Insert 200 g of Silken Tofu,.
  6. Mix 200 g of Cream Cheese Preferably Philadelphia,.
  7. Mix 100 g of Demerara Sugar,.
  8. Mix 1 TBSP of Lavender Extract,.
  9. Fill 2 TBSP of Fresh Orange Juice,.
  10. Fill of Fresh Orange Zest, 1/2 Orange.
  11. Mix 10 g of Gelatin,.
  12. Insert 100 g of Warm Water,.
  13. Insert of Organic Food-Grade Lavender, For Garnishing.

Easy Way To Make Tofu Cheesecake

  1. Pls visit: https://www.fatdough.sg/post/lavender-extract for the lavender extract recipe..
  2. Grease cake pan with butter. Lay parchment paper on the bottom and the sides. In a skillet over medium heat, add butter. Cook until the butter has melted and starts to "sing"..
  3. Continue cooking until the "singing" has subsided and the butter has browned. Remove from heat, pass the browned butter thru' a coffee filter over a sieve and bowl. *I usually melt 80g worth of butter to get the exact 60g. If your browned butter is insufficient, add in some canola oil.* Set aside to cool down slightly..
  4. In a food processor, blitz biscuits until powder forms. Transfer into a bowl and add in the browned butter. Mix to combine well. It should resemble wet sand..
  5. Transfer the mixture into the prepared cake pan. Using an offset spatula to distribute evenly. Pad the biscuit mixture down to make it compact. Set aside in the fridge to chill..
  6. In a blender, add cream, yogurt, tofu, cream cheese, sugar, lavender extract, orange juice and zest. Blitz until smooth. In a small bowl, combine gelatin and water well..
  7. Stir to dissolve the gelatin. Transfer the gelatin mixture into the blender. Blitz until well combined and smooth. Pour the mixture into the cake pan..
  8. Give it a shake for an even top. Return back to the fridge and allow it to chill and set overnight. It should be still soft and jiggly..
  9. Unmold the cheesecake onto a cake stand or serving plate. Garnish with a sprinkle of lavender. Slice and serve immediately..

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