How To Make Homemade Pepperoni Pizza (using Biscuits) Without Equal

The Recipe For Making Homemade Pepperoni Pizza (using Biscuits). Learn how to make your own pizza crust, pizza sauce and pepperoni pizza that will rival any take-out pizza joint! Turn your dough out without punching down and starting in the center and using only your fingertips, press Homemade Cheesy Bites Pepperoni Pizza Recipe! Homemade Pepperoni Pizza is a family favorite, and easy enough for the kids to make themselves!

Homemade Pepperoni Pizza (using Biscuits) As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Make healthier, homemade, low fat pepperoni pizza from scratch with a crispy crust and learn how to de-grease the pepperoni before baking. I love super crispy pizza and those pizza pans with holes really work! You can make Homemade Pepperoni Pizza (using Biscuits) using 4 ingredients in 7 quick steps. The following is an easy way to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make Homemade Pepperoni Pizza (using Biscuits)

  1. Prepare 1 can of Buttermilk biscuits (brand is optional).
  2. Mix 1 packages of Mozzarella shredded cheese.
  3. Add 1 of Marinara sauce.
  4. Insert 1 of Garlic and onion salt.

For my dough, a KitchenAid stand mixer does all the work but you can also knead the. Use np.reddit.com links when linking to other subs or to this one. Please make your titles descriptive and just about the food. Posts with titles that do not describe the link contents will be removed Damn this looks great.

Easy Way To Make Homemade Pepperoni Pizza (using Biscuits)

  1. 1: Preset oven to 375. While the stove is heating up open your can of biscuits ( I used the 8 count). Mash each biscuit one by one (as if your making hamburgers)..
  2. 2: Place mashed biscuits in a non stick cooking pan side by side. I merged the biscuits together to make the base of the pizza. (No holes should be seen).
  3. 3: Place biscuits in the oven for 10 minutes..
  4. 4: Take the biscuits out the oven after ten min (should have a light brown coat on them). Now it's time to add your marinara sauce, cheese, and pepperoni..
  5. 5: Add the marinara sauce first. Cover the Base with marinara sauce to your liking. Then sprinkle your shredded mozzarella cheese to your liking as well. Adding garlic and onion salt is optional But I didn't add any this time. Lastly add your pepperoni and use as much as you like..
  6. 6: Place cooking pan back in the oven and let the pizza to cook for another 10-12 minutes. After the pizza is fully cook take it out the oven and enjoy!!!.
  7. Below are some of the items I used. I used pillsbury 8 count buttermilk biscuits..

Add more flour, if needed. (If using RapidRise(R) Yeast. A great recipe for Homemade Pepperoni Pizza that can be adapted to accomodate any topping you like. Use a wooden spoon to mix everything to create a wet dough. Spread the pizza sauce into an even layer over the surface of the dough. Sprinkle the oregano, garlic powder and red pepper flakes (if using) evenly over the sauce. That's how to make Homemade Pepperoni Pizza (using Biscuits) Recipe.