How To Make Steam Fish Belly Tasty

The Recipe For Making Steam Fish Belly.

Steam Fish Belly You can make Steam Fish Belly using 5 ingredients in 1 quick steps. The following is an easy way to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make Steam Fish Belly

  1. Mix Half of fish belly.
  2. Prepare strips of Spring onion.
  3. Mix strips of Ginger.
  4. Fill 1 of little Oil.
  5. Fill Half of tsp Light soy sauce.

Easy Way To Make Steam Fish Belly

  1. Arrange fish in a plate and add ginger on top. Boil water when the water is boiled putsteam the fish for 7 to 9 mins. When almost done add spring onion. Cover and continue steaming. Before serving pour oil and soy sauce.

That's how to make Steam Fish Belly Recipe.