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Tutorial Of Lunch Super Fast

The Recipe For Making Lunch.

Lunch You can make Lunch using 5 ingredients in 2 quick steps. The following is an easy way to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make Lunch

  1. Fill 1 pack of instant noodle.
  2. Insert 1 of egg.
  3. Mix 4 of fish ball sliced.
  4. Insert 1 of small lettuce.
  5. Add 1 of tomato.

Quick Step To Make Lunch

  1. Cook lettuce then set aside.Then boil fish ball set aside too.Cook noodle according to the package instruction..
  2. When done remove and.place in a plate.Pour the sauce then mix properly then add alk the ingredients.Fry the egg and.place on top.Serve.

That's how to make Lunch Recipe.