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Tutorial Of Hyderabad style eggplant (baigan bharwa) Without Equal

The Recipe For Making Hyderabad style eggplant (baigan bharwa).

Hyderabad style eggplant (baigan bharwa) You can make Hyderabad style eggplant (baigan bharwa) using 18 ingredients in 5 quick steps. The following is an easy way to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make Hyderabad style eggplant (baigan bharwa)

  1. Fill 500 gms of small eggplants,wash and slit in between.
  2. Add of Roast 1:.
  3. Prepare 2 tbsp of peanuts,.
  4. Add 2 tbsp of dry coconut,.
  5. Mix 2 tsp of sesame seeds.
  6. Insert 1 tbsp of cumin seeds.
  7. Insert of Roast 2:.
  8. Insert 1 of sliced onion,.
  9. Insert 4 of whole red chillies.
  10. Add 3 of cloves garlic.
  11. Fill 3/4 cup of oil,.
  12. Mix 1 pinch of carom seeds,.
  13. Insert 7 of few curry leaves.
  14. Add 1 cup of tamarind soaked in warm water.
  15. Fill 1tbsp of salt,.
  16. Insert 1 tsp of turmeric,.
  17. Fill 1 tsp of red chilli powder,.
  18. Mix 1 tsp of coriander powder.

Easy Way To Make Hyderabad style eggplant (baigan bharwa)

  1. First roast 1 ingredients onto the pan,remove and cool.now same pan roast 2 ingredients with little oil.
  2. When onions are translucent remove and cool.now grind both 1 and 2 mixture together into smooth paste.now heat oil in a deep bottomed vessel. Now add curry leaves and carrom seeds.
  3. When it splitter add the grind masala,red chilli powder, turmeric, coriander pad and salt let it saute few minutes. Now remove the tamarind pulp and discard its seeds..
  4. Now add the tamarind pulp and saute till masala leaves oil.now remove from flame &let it cool a bit.now fill up the masala in between eggplant..
  5. Now mix all together and put back onto the flame.now cover the lid and simmer for 10 mins on low flame.when done.serve hot with chapati. Enjoy😋.

That's how to make Hyderabad style eggplant (baigan bharwa) Recipe.